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All the answers you seek are already inside you, sometimes you just need a guide to help you find them.

Heather Ash Amara

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My work is about helping clients understand and heal the parts of themselves that are causing them pain, conflict, and misery. Ultimately, by working with these parts, the client is able to enjoy more peace, success, and serenity.
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Your freedom awaits

Awaken your infinite potential

As a licensed therapist, I provide the safest place possible and gently support my clients as they unpack the pain of their past. As clients encounter their memories, they frequently discover new insights and clarity.

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Why Naturopathy

Internal Family Systems Therapy for adults in Colorado

Healing Services


Types of Internal Family Systems Therapy Techniques

Depending on the types of experiences the client has had and how his/her system developed because of those experiences, each client’s work and sessions are completely organic in nature. Sometimes clients worry about whether they are “doing it right.” Although understandable, (we all have

parts that want to perform well), each system will do the therapy in a way that is right for itself. It is beautiful to be in the work with the client and watch the healing happen.

Here to Help

If you need help with a problem, If you keep running up against situations that trigger you to act in ways you wish you didn’t and, especially, if you intuitively know that they are somehow related to something from your history, IFS is a therapy that can help. If you’d like to speak with me about your situation, reach out and we can chat and/or schedule a session.

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Angela Miller

When it comes to Internal Family Systems therapists, you won’t find anyone more dedicated and passionate about helping patients achieve a positive outcome. With this method, you’ll begin to see changes relatively fast and will love the creativity this model embraces. 


Take Your Power Back

— J.S. & L.S.

Angie has been amazing over the past year and a half we have worked with her. My wife and I went to her to improve our communication skills. We have two little children at home and noticed that there was a little bit of friction with the day-to-day logistics of holding down jobs, raising children, and maintaining a house. About a year into our therapy we had a difficult situation arise and lucky for us Angie was there to support us both individually and as a couple through this trying time. She is an excellent facilitator and provides a judgement free style to her approach. My wife and I were lucky to have her in our corner when we went through one of the most trying experiences in our 17+ years together. On the other side of this difficult situation, not only do my wife and I have the tools to communicate more effectively to each other but we found one another again on a level deeper than when we met.


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5460 Ward Rd, Suite 225 Arvada, CO, 80002

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