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Transformation Therapy
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Be the change

It all starts with you.

On this page, you’ll find answers to questions that are commonly asked about my therapy and counseling services. If you can’t find the answer you are looking for, contact me today!

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Listen to Your Gut

  • Do you have some evening and weekend appointments available?
    I see my last client at 6:00pm on weekday nights. I, generally, do not work on the weekends.
  • What is expected of me?
    Therapy is a substantial investment of time and money. It is literally an investment in your happiness and future. My expectation is that you take therapy seriously and do the internal growth work that only you can do. My hope is that as you become more familiar with this work that you will be able to identify and work with your parts outside of session. Being able to unblend from a part and its emotions is an amazing way to regain clarity and equanimity. Once you get your feet underneath you with IFS, you may end up doing your own IFS sessions outside of our work together. I also hope that you and I develop a beautiful therapeutic bond where you know that whatever your parts say or feel is completely welcomed. They have a saying in IFS that is, “all parts are welcome” and I want you to know that you don’t have to “hide your crazy” from me. I have those parts, too! I want to mention a phenomenon I have noticed. Often after a client schedules a first session, they end up cancelling. There are many reasons to do so (money, time, the crisis passed, fear of opening up a can of worms, etc…). I would like to suggest that you be curious about whether you may have a part or parts that don’t think this is a good idea AND you have at least one part that thought it was a great idea and made the call and set up the appointment. So, just notice which part is driving the bus, try to unblend from the emotions the part is feeling and make the decision from a place of authentic self. Also, if you cannot attend a session, I have an expectation that you will let me know as early as possible.
  • How much do you charge?
    My fee is $150 for a normal 50-minute session and $225 for a 75-minute session. Sessions for an individual are usually 50 minutes and sessions for couples are normally 75 minutes.
  • How often do we meet?
    Most of my clients choose to come either weekly or every other week. Time, money, and the person’s ability to embrace change all factor into their scheduling decisions.
  • How long does therapy last?
    That depends on the goals you have for counseling. I am available for as long as you need my assistance, but I don’t believe in dragging things out once you’ve reached your goals.
  • FAQ on Confidentiality:
    One of the unique features of IFS as a treatment modality is that the healing takes place within your system, and you can share how much you choose with share with me. You can heal without divulging details. However, it can be a beautiful experience to be supported, accepted, and heard throughout the process. Having a safe person and place with which to disclose sensitive material is a hallmark of therapy and I take the subject of confidentiality very seriously. However, because I am a mental health mandatory reporter, there are occasions in which I cannot maintain confidentiality. Those occasions are when I believe that you might harm yourself or another and when I believe a child or elder might be being abused.
  • What is psychotherapy?
    Psychotherapy, therapy and counseling (I use the words interchangeably) is a safe place to talk about what’s really bothering you and to reveal your secrets without having to worry about being judged. It is a space for you to put words to your thoughts, feelings, hopes, and dreams. It is a spot where you do not have to protect your image. It’s a lot like talking to a good friend who understands you, except that I have been trained to do so and use interventions that are proven. I am not the type of therapist portrayed on TV that sits silently while the client lies on the couch and talks. I work with clients in a much more engaging and collaborative way. We usually sit in a chair or on a couch, but I have been known to do therapy while walking with clients. You lead the conversation with no subject matter being off limits. I will listen carefully, ask questions to help increase our understanding, and offer my insights or suggestions. If you want to develop better communication or other skills, I will help you learn those. I want you to let me know what works and what doesn’t work in our sessions so that I can provide a remarkably productive therapy experience for you.
  • What payment options are available?
    Clients pay by check, cash, or debit/credit card.
  • Do you take insurance?
    Unfortunately, I do not. I do not contract with insurance companies, Medicare, or Medicaid. I will be happy to provide a superbill if you'd like to seek reimbursement from your insurance provider.
  • What type of therapy do you do?
    I work from an IFS lens and use actual IFS interventions and IFS-informed talk therapy.
  • Do you have any videos demonstrating your work that I could watch?
    Check out this link to view videos on demonstrations. Click Link
  • What books about IFS do you recommend?
    There are a number of good books that have been written about IFS, including: Internal Family Systems Therapy, Second Edition, Richard C. Schwartz, PhD and Martha Sweezy, PhD No Bad Parts, Richard C. Schwartz, PhD. You Are the One You’ve Been Waiting For, Bringing Courageous Love To Intimate Relationships, Richard C. Schwartz, PhD. Freedom From Your Inner Critic, A Self-Therapy Approach, Jay Earley, PhD and Bonnie Weiss, LCSW. Internal Family Systems Skills Training Manual Trauma-Informed Treatment for Anxiety, Depression, PTSD, and Substance Abuse by Frank C. Anderson, MD, Martha Sweezy, PhD and Richard C. Schwartz, PhD. Self-Therapy Workbook an Exercise Book for the IFS Process, Bonnie J. Weiss, LCSW Self-Therapy for Your Inner Critic, Transforming Self-Criticism into Self-Confidence by Bonnie Weiss, LCSW. We All Have Parts, An Illustrated Guide to Healing Trauma with Internal Family Systems by Colleen West, LMFT. Transcending Trauma, Healing Complex PTSD with Internal Family Systems Therapy, Frank G. Anderson, MD. For clinicians, I also recommend: IFS Innovations and Elaborations in Internal Family Systems Therapy, Edited by Martha Sweezy PhD and Ellen L. Ziskind, LICSW, CGP. Internal Family Systems Therapy New Dimensions, Edited by Martha Sweezy PhD and Ellen L. Ziskind, LICSW, CGP.
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